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About Yangtze Normal University

Yangtze Normal University (YZNU) is a full time regular undergraduate university run by the Chongqing Municipal Government. In September 2006, it was renamed as Yangtze Normal University from Fuling Normal University. With a history of over 80 years, it has played an important role in layout of Chongqing Municipal higher education, enjoyed a good reputation in community and had great contribution to the development of regional economy and society. At present, YZNU carries on its responsibilities and missions for serving regional economic and social development, and moves forward in urban and rural harmonious development.

YZNU is located in Fuling District where Yangtze River meets Wujiang River. Fuling is called the gate of Wujiang River or the first city on thousand-miles-long Wujiang. It is an economically strong city in Chongqing. Once set the capital of Ba in Pre-Qin Period here, Fuling’s rich cultures of Bazhi, Neo-Confucianism and pickles have emerged its spirit “Be hardworking and never yield to others”. There here founded Beiyan School, a holy place for Neo-Confucianism on the northern bank of Yangtze River in Northern Song Dynasty. The heritages of this school enriched local culture and education, from which Yangtze Normal University carries on the principle “be sincere and right-minded, explore the far and reach the mysteries”. It also develops the university motto “be hard-studying and upright, be self-improved and dedicated” and holds the idea “focus on educating, emphasize the quality, highlight the academic and behave in honesty”.  

YZNU has developed rapidly and made great achievements since 2001. It was highly appraised in 2007 undergraduate teaching evaluation held by Ministry of Education. YZNU has 3 campuses- Lidu, Jiangdong and Jianfu, and covers an area of over 330 acres and a built area of over 520,000 square meters. There are teaching and research facilities worthy of over 100 million, 4 municipal modeling experiment and teaching centers, 11 experiment centers of university and 110 internship bases in and out of the university. YZNU library covers a built area of 40,000 square meters, boasts a collection of 1.35 million books, 14 databases in different categories and a volume of 25 TB digital resources.

YZNU has developed 10 disciplines, literature, science, pedagogy, law, management, history, economics, engineering, agronomy and art. It forms the structure that focuses on literature and science, integrates multi disciplines, features in teacher education and balances coordinated development between teacher education majors and non-teacher education majors. Apart from the Department of Ideological and Political Teaching & Research, it offers 48 undergraduate majors in 15 academic schools: School of Literatures and Journalism, School of Political Science and Public Administration, School of Economics and Business Administration, School of Foreign Languages (includes College English Teaching Department), School of Mathematics and Computer Science, School of Physics and Electronic Engineering, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, School of Life Science and Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Music, School of Physical Education and Health Science, School of Fine Arts, School of Education Science, School of History and Culture and School of Civil Engineering. At present it has 3 municipal key disciplines, 9 municipal high-quality curriculums, 4 municipal key curriculums, 1 national specialized major and 2 municipal specialized majors. YZNU is the training base for outstanding teachers from middle school and elementary school in Chongqing, skill training base for Three Gorges migrants and the only preparatory education center for minorities in Chongqing.

YZNU boasts a strong faculty of 923 devoted, qualified and experienced teachers. 371 of them are senior professionals and 564 have doctoral or master’s degrees. Among them there are 3 part-time doctoral tutors, 33 part-time tutors for master, 2 national outstanding teachers, 2 municipal outstanding teachers, 3 municipal outstanding educators, 1 star teacher of Chongqing, 1 nominee for star teacher, 1 Chongqing advanced worker, 1 model teacher for professional ethics, 14 outstanding young and middle-career teachers and 2 morally model teachers. 53 were funded by Chongqing Funding projects for outstanding young and middle-career professionals. 2 were awarded the governmental special allowance by the State Council and 2 were granted by Tsang Hin-chi Foundation. Besides, there are 26 other part-time professors and 5 foreign teachers.

YZNU consists of 15 research institutes. There are 2 ministry-commission jointly research bases, 2 municipal key research bases for humanities and social sciences, 1 municipal engineering research center, 2 key laboratories and engineering centers in Chongqing universities and 3 innovation teams. YZNU hosts 2 national publications: Journal of Yangtze Normal University and Yangtze Normal University Newspaper, and 3 internals: Three Gorges Education Forum, Wujiang Tribune and Bayu Educational Exploration. Since 2004 it has taken 18 research programs from National Social Sciences Foundation and National Natural Science Foundation, 22 Ministry of Education programs and over 300 municipals. YZNU has been awarded a first prize for teaching achievements by Chongqing Municipal Government, a third prize for research achievements in philosophy and social sciences by Ministry of Education, a second prize for outstanding achievements by State Ethnic Affairs Commission, a third prize for education science achievements in state-level, a second prize for municipal achievements in philosophy and social science, a third prize for municipal achievements in science and technology and 20 other prizes.

YZNU enrolls students across the country and now it has a full-time student population of 18,000. The university was called the cradle for teachers in the three areas (area of Three Gorges, area of minorities, mountainous area of Southeast Chongqing) for it has educated thousands of talents for the country since 1977. In the last 3 years the students have won over 100 national and 300 municipal awards in “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Curricular Academic Competition, National Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, National College Student English Contest, “Zhujiang Piano Cup” Basic Skill Contest for College Music Students, National Teaching Skills Contest for English Major Students, Contest for Applied Computer Skills, etc. The students have also won more than 40 awards of outstanding students’ units, 300 awards of national and municipal outstanding student.

YZNU attaches much importance to international cooperation and exchange. It employs several foreign experts to teach every year and regularly invite professionals and scholars from home and abroad for academic exchange. Nearly 100 teachers have been funded for attending international academic conferences or professional training abroad. Since 2004 YZNU has received overseas students from nearly 10 countries including USA, Australia, Mexico, Poland, Japan, Thailand, etc. In the past 3 years YZNU has engaged cooperation with Ball State University and San Jose State University of U.S., University of Birmingham and Coventry University of U.K., Catholic University of Lublin of Poland, Gongju National University and Chodang University of South Korea, Kagoshima University and Hiroshima University of Japan and Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University of Thailand. YZNU has also funded over 40 teachers for study or research abroad.

YZNU has now developed to a new period with passion and vigor. With the new ideas of “quality, talents, disciplines, service, culture and legality” and the aim “to run a respectable university with teaching and application oriented”, it has started a “131” development strategy and “Four Steps” plan. That is, to take master station project planning and construction as the turning point to improve disciplinary construction and level of scientific and technical innovation; to take serving regional economic and social development and new rural communities construction as the mission to carry forward the disciplinary transition; to take strengthening students’ manipulative ability, practical ability and society adaptive capacity as the goal to push forward transition of educational pattern; to take characteristic development and dislocation competition as a channel to push ahead students training target; to take operating a teaching and applied university as the first priority to improve the quality of educating highly-qualified applied students. Now Yangtze Normal University is working hard with the goal of developing to a master station till 2015 and a high-level talents education base, research base and commercialization base for research findings in Southeast Chongqing till 2020.

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