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About Yangtze Normal University

With a history of over 80 years, Yangtze Normal University is a full time regular undergraduate university run by Chinese Government. It is located in the ancient capital of Ba Kingdom-Fuling District of middle Chongqing. YZNU enjoys a good reputation in the society, plays an important role in the layout structure of colleges and universities in Chongqing, and has made outstanding contributions to local economic construction and social development.

School of International Education offers multi-level and distinctive courses for international students, including elementary, intermediate and advanced comprehensive Chinese, reading, listening, writing, speaking, China Panorama, Chinese martial arts, Chinese painting, calligraphy, HSK, HSKK, etc. Students have achieved remarkable academic results and the HSK passing rate is among the best in universities in Chongqing. Every year, international cultural festivals, talent contests, New Year's parties and other activities are held in the school, so that international students and Chinese students can deepen friendship and convey their national cultural confidence in the multicultural exchange. The school attaches great importance to the improvement of practical ability of international students. Each year, a large number of international students participate in various Chinese cultural activities and social practices.

● Campuses cover an area of over 320 acres and a built area of over 700,000 square meters
● 20 schools and departments, offer 53 undergraduate majors within ten disciplines-liberal arts, sciences, pedagogy, laws, management, history, economics, engineering, agronomy and art
● 1478 professional teachers:About 470 teachers with senior professional titles, 350 with doctor degrees and 700 with master degrees.
● Over 20,000 full-time students, include about 200 international students from Asia, Europe and Africa
● 3 minutes' drive to the Fuling Bei train station, where the trains will be available to travel to big cities, e.g. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Chengdu, etc
● 12 experimental training centers, 4 municipal experimental exemplary centers of teaching,290 internship bases outside campus
● Less expenses: Studying at YZNU Chongqing costs much less because the consumption level in Chongqing is comparatively much lower than in most other Chinese cities
● Delicious food: Chongqing cuisine is popular with people from all over the world for its beautiful outlook, fragrant smell, and good taste Yangtze Normal University would sincerely welcome international students from all countries!

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